Introduction to DDSS

Welcome to the web site of the International Research School

DDSS is an International Research School: a collaboration between the universities shown on the left. From these universities, research groups are represented in DDSS that are active in areas such as Computer Aided Design, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, etc., in the context of architecture and/or urban design and planning.

The research school aims to bring together the researchers, lecturers, and students from these groups in order to exchange experiences, share knowledge, and collaborate in projects and courses.

The main objective of the DDSS research school is twofold, namely:

  1. To develop innovative and improve existing (components of) Design and Decision Support Systems for applications in architecture, building and urban planning; and
  2. To play an active role in the dissemination of such progress to architectural, building and planning practice.

Navigating this web site

This web site offers a portal to the activities in the research school and an entry-point to the research and education in associated groups. There is also a comprehensive database of scientific publications that have resulted from our work.
In the top you find tab-pages for the various types of information on this site. The buttons on the left determine the scope of the information shown.

Don't overlook our International Agenda of Events, which offers a list of conferences and workshops in our areas of expertise.